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VidToon Review and Bonus - VidToon Video Animation Tool

Product: VidToon Video Animation Tool
Vendor: Cindy Donovan - Wildfire Concepts Pty Ltd
Price: Personal License: $19.97 - Commercial License: $27.00
Niche: Animated Videos - Video Marketing
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Introducing VidToon...

Good day marketers and welcome to my VidToon Review,

From The Aussie Gal Who's Brought You A LOT Of Highly Profitable 6 Figure Launches Comes VidToon 
A Stunningly Easy To Use Video Animation Tool

What Is VidToon?
Here’s how it works…

Vidtoon animated video software works fast, this new unique & refreshing animated video making software is new and fresh and a great way making more sales online now - Today!

You can get things done now with no need to spend hours creating an animated video.

Cool animated characters are included in this software and are available for just about any niche or scenario, these characters are ready to go, all you need to do is choose which ones you want to use and you are good to go.

VidToon comes packed full w…

AdaComply2 Review and Bonus

ADA Comply 2.0 Lead Generation Edition
Vendor: Mario Brown, Ifiok Nk & Vaughn Item
Product: AdaComply2
Price: $27.00
Niche: ADA Compliance Lead Gen Edition
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Introducing The First To Market ADA Comply v2.0 Lead Generation Cloud Based Software That Makes Your Websites & Client's Websites ADA Compliant In Minutes
Learn How To Avoid Lawsuits While Ranking Higher On Search Engines For This Untapped Market…

Good day marketers and welcome to my AdaComply2 Review and Bonus,

ADA Comply is a first to market product 
to help combat A $400 billion problem.
Last year business and websites owners were being sued for non-compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act which prompted a historic supreme court judgement resulting in more than 1,500 legal cases for non-accessibility compliance in 2018 in the state of New York alone...

...2019 saw more than 10,000 websites sued for non ADA compliance with that number expected to rise to 100k or more …

SociJam 2 Review and Bonus

SociJam 2 Review Vendor: Cindy Donovan Product: SociJam 2.0 Price: $17.00 Niche: Social Media Software Tool Click Here To Visit The Official SociJam 2.0 Site
Introducing SociJam V2

SociJam Is The Must-Have Cloud Based Software Tool That Can Exponentially Increase Your Engagement, Leads & Sales
Good day marketers and welcome to my SociJam 2 Review.
What Is SociJam 2?
Here’s how it works…
With SociJam 2.0 you can get more social likes, clicks and sales on your Facebook posts, Facebook Ads and comments.
One of the main advantages of Facebook is the like button that people use to show they like your posts, ad or comment, the they finally added emoticons into the mix and things started to get a whole lot more exciting, animated and engaging, opening up even more opportunities to increase engagement.
Now a new expression revolution is about to begin on the Internet's biggest social network Facebook with the introduction of SociJam V2.0.
Have you ever noticed and envied other peoples posts with bo…