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WAZZUB is in pre-launch until April 9, 2012. The more users that join our network through your personal link the more your $FACTOR will grow. Each new member 5 generations deep let your $FACTOR grow by 1. After launch we will pay 50% of WAZZUB's profits to our pre-launch members every month. We simply divide the earnings through the total amount of $FACTORs of all members. Let us say for June the rate per $FACTOR is US$1.00 and your personal $FACTOR is 3905. That means we will pay you 3905 x 1.00 = US$3905.00! IMPORTANT: WAZZUB STAYS FREE FOREVER! YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY US A SINGLE DOLLAR! Click Here For More Info

Traffic On A Website and CPA

Have you ever slaved day and night working on your traffic on a website? Researching your keywords or even paid for some form of advertising trying to drive traffic for a website. Paid advertising will cost you some money to begin with in the hope that it will bring buying customers. You might be surprised to find that all the visitors to your site are not necessarily good, paid or free. Traffic On A Website and CPA

How To Quit Smoking Naturally.

One of the best ways to quit smoking is to quit the natural way. This is because quitting in a natural way will not put your health in danger. If you quit the natural way, you will not be using any special machines of use any chemicals to help you with your quitting. The only thing that you will need is mental discipline, perseverance and emotional integrity. Here is a simple guide on how to quit smoking naturally.