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Copywriting Swipe Files, The Benefits.

If you are a serious marketer or a novice you need to build your copywriting swipe file now, do you remember that file you put on your desktop? You should have a few there by now. That's why it's called a “swipe file”. One of the biggest online marketing secrets is that everyone who is really serious about marketing keeps one, and that includes the so called guru's, I bet you didn't know that, maybe because is it a closely guarded secret. If they see something that looks interesting or applicable to there marketing strategy,they just add it to their file. So you’re asking, "what is a swipe file?" Well, it's is not a file to steal content from. That's immoral and illegal due to copyright laws, so, don't think you can steal your way to a fortune, which will back fire on you big time! You can look at this file as your resource file. It's a resource for ideas, methods, and techniques that you can use in the future. The best way to use

Facebook, The Money Monster.

Nothing will EVER be as powerful as Facebook is right now... NOTHING. Here's why: Did you know there are over 500 million people who use Facebook every single day? Not only that, they're extremely high quality users because they're all registered and confirmed with active email addresses and phone numbers which means... They're real people. On average, people who use social networks spend just over 30 minutes per day on the site compared to the 12 seconds that 99.99% of other websites on the Internet today get, I'm sure you'll agree that's a lot. Social networking is the most powerful way to make money online ever. It's easy and it's fast, it doesn't require any skills or knowledge of how it works. It can be as easy as click your mouse and make money. You can start making money today without a website, blog, your own product or email list. You can create compelling campaigns on Facebook that force viewers to click through and buy whatever