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Blog Money Making Tips.

I have some Blog Money Making Tips for you and I will help show you how to set up a blog. Blogging is now one of the most popular social past times online today, people use them to connect with friends, business partners and followers to let them know what they are currently doing. Blogging Money will be the main focus of this article, and I will assume that you are new to Money Making Blogs. First thing you need to do is set up a blog, this is very easy and free with by Google and WordPress, which are very popular. I am going to focus on for the purpose of this article as I couldn’t explain them all here. First thing you need to do is have a Google Mail account, this is free to set up at, then log into and fill out your details. If you are going to write about a specific topic or niche market, i.e. money making tips, you should name your blog with a keyword related to your topic, so it would look something like

Advertising, part time jobs

The freedom and benefits of working from home has a huge attraction these days with the current economic downturn, many people have lost their jobs as the companies that they worked for crumbled under financial pressure. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for people interested in part time jobs in advertising . Would you be interested in a job that only took a couple of hours per day and was available worldwide? Who wouldn’t, right? Companies Need You! Do you have self-motivation? No prior skills or work experience required. All you need is a Personal computer, it doesn’t have to be a super dooper, top of the range model, I don’t, as long as it has a word processor like Microsoft Word on it, and most do. In 2009, companies spent close to $50 billion advertising online! There are four steps to attaining everything that you want in life. They are simple steps and I will tell you what they are now. 1. Know what you want. 2. Believe t

Traffic, what is it and how do you get it?

Internet Marketing , it’s a funny old thing, most marketers become slaves to their computer constantly promoting their sites and products trying to get quality traffic, but there are easier ways to redeem your freedom. Do you find yourself in that position? It can be as easy as 1 2 3. 1. Article Submission . If you laser target your promotion to, let’s say, Google, who receive over 2 Billion searches per day, and keyword optimise your article’s you can easily achieve a very high traffic ranking which is a fast list builder. Other options to consider would be MSN, Bing and Yahoo to mention just a few. 2. Social Bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites such as get over 4.1 Million hits per day,  with visitors like that how can you go wrong? Again other options would be Facebook , Twitter , MySpace and Bebo. Just set up your own personalised page and send invites to your contact list or you could set up a fan page dedicated to your niche. Combine this with

Work From Home

Newbie? Where do you begin? The world of Internet Marketing is a daunting thought for many but intrigue’s the masses. I’m sure everyone has dreamed of starting a business so that they can work from home . To live the dream lifestyle, it is achievable with the right tools, knowledge and training. Educating yourself is a key element, the Internet is the ideal place to do this because you have all the tools at your disposal to educate yourself and to get all the information is a lot easier than it first appears. There's simply no reason not to succeed online, unless you fear success or have some other reason preventing you. The newbie finds it hard to get the basic marketing principles, to get their hands on these illustrious cash machines. You need to project a professional image at all times and never deviate from that concept. You will have to make a small investment in your business such as a proper domain name , real web hosting and an autoresponder . Avoid free too