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SEO 2.0 FightBack Networks

SEO 2.0 FightBack Networks The Next Evolution In Link Building Is Here! The best links for SEO are contextual links, FACT! Why? Because they look natural to Google. They don’t think building hundreds of forum profile links looks natural. But, more and more of the web 2.0 sites you build links on are becoming No-Follow! This makes finding the best links hard! We need to stop relying on big sites, they don’t want our links! We need a link source we can control, that won’t delete our work, that won’t make our links no-follow. We could build personal networks, but that’s expensive and hosting all the sites is hard work. We could use big public blog networks, but there is risk involved. But what if we could mix these two ideas to get the best of both worlds, without the hassle? Someone has built a solution and 4 months later they’re still going strong! What they have created has never been done before, and you can get the rocketing rankings their existing customers are raving ab

Black Friday Book Camp - Black Friday Weekend

Black Friday Book Camp Are you going to screw off this weekend or really do something important? At the end of this long weekend, if you've followed this FREE plan, you'll have your first Kindle book outlined and maybe even DONE and ready for launch. Does anyone know how many millions in eBook sales there were in 2011? Go ahead and guess, I'll bet you're not even close, $989,832,832 worth. That's how many eBooks were sold in 2011, and the estimate is that sales will triple in 2012, that's $3 BILLION. The guy who created this workbook has a ton of books on Amazon... One of his TINY reports (that he wrote using the same system he's GIVING you) sells over 700 copies a month, making him almost $2000... a month. The new Kindle was just released recently, and it's already a big competitor with iPad... Oh, and prices start at $149! Can you guess what Amazon pays to have each Kindle manufactured? HINT: It's a lot more than they sell them for. I&