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Mobile Marketer invades White House (real!)

Two years ago a tidal wave of easy money crashed down on internet marketers… … it was called “Mobile Monopoly”… … and the smart ones (30,000 of them) cashed in while the doubters kept struggling with the old methods. This is the second coming and it promises to be even bigger! Even crazier is that the White House was impressed enough to honor the 20-year-old marketing maverick who created it Join the tidal wave of easy money

Amazon KILLS Kindle

Amazon is KILLING  it's old Kindle line.   Why? Did you know that the Kindle Fire 2 is being released in a few days, Google released their new tablet TODAY and the new sub $200 iPad comes out next month. Guess what that means? MONEY! The last time Amazon released a new Kindle epub sales DOUBLED overnight, now ALL three are launching. Ride this trend, here's how Talk Soon Michael

Secret Kindle Club

Ryan Deiss has shaken the Kindle publishing world! He just created a complete Kindle publishing community where writers and publishers can help to promote each others books. Since reviews and downloads control Amazon rankings this could be the greatest Kindle advantage on earth. If your info business doesn't include Kindle, you could be missing THOUSANDS of front-end conversions every month. This video explains it all   I know Ryan will close this community soon, so you had better get in while you can.

Kindle Publishing System is LIVE!

Hey You! Today is the day to change your marketing path and join Amazon to dominate your niche and it could be a bad day for your competitors. Here is what I'm talking about

Number One Book System JV Invite

Good day folk’s, Hopefully you have been following along with the Pre-Launch of the Number One Book System by Ryan Deiss of over the past week. Today I have something special for you, if you are quick you can join in the launch of the Number One Book System which begins tomorrow, Monday 27th of August 2012. You may be wondering what the Number One Book System is and why you should get involved, here are a few details about the product. What is it? Basically, NumberOneBookSystem is a training on how to use Kindle’s own promotional tools (i.e. free giveaways and stuff like that) plus some pretty slick, proprietary strategies that Ryan has developed to push a book to the top of its category in Kindle and keep it there. They also go into how to write a book (or have it written) quickly, and how to turn your Kindle ebook into a “real” book that sells right alongside your Kindle book. WHAT DOES THE PRODUCT INCLUDE? Their best product to date, with a complete

Free Kindle Spy Software

Free Kindle Spy Software   Hey folks, Ryan's Great Kindle Challenge is really heating up now, I hope you have been following along and taking advantage of all the FREE training that Ryan is giving you. Today he's offering you a ninja little piece of software that is designed to let you spy on Kindle competitors and pick the best niches in Amazon. And I got you a FREE lifetime access pass! > Grab your software here <   Have Fun Spying! Talk soon, Michael. BTW, just in case you missed all the other freebies, you still have two day's to get your hands on them, just follow the links below, this is not to be missed, the Kindle could be your key to success! The Great Kindle Challenge   The Kindle Publishing Revolution    How To Sell 100 Books A Day   Kindle Sales Rank Calculator  

Free PDF: Sell 100 Kindle Books a Day

  Free PDF: Sell 100 Kindle Books a Day This report is going BONKERS! Go grab your copy while it's FREE (Only a few more hours)... Here is your download link: You're going to LOOOOOOVE it! You get a bunch of other free stuff too, including a Kindle software that comes out tomorrow. Come join the Kindle revolution FREE

How To Sell 100 Kindle Books a Day

100 books a day?   Everyone has at least one great book in them, and now you can see yours become a reality... Click here to see how:   Kindle is RED hot right now as writers, marketers and publishers are FINALLY jumping on the projected $2+ BILLION dollar ePub wave. My friend Ryan Deiss seems to be the only guy driving books to #1 on a consistent basis, and he just released a FREE guide on how he does it. Go grab your FREE copy here: Talk Soon, Michael.

Kindle Publishing

How To Publish on Amazon Kindle [FREE PDF]   Ever heard of Ryan Deiss? Well... He's had over 50,000 of his Kindle eBooks downloaded in the last 30 days or so and has built a kindle publishing business from scratch. Here's exactly how he did it: So far he's put thousands of people on niche mailing lists, and has readers begging for more. This FREE report explains why this works and why you should jump into this head first. Go get a FREE copy while you can. Talk Soon, Michael He's even agreed to give you a free ebook for your kindle if you have one and allow you to spy on his next book launch... absolutely FREE! Go get your copy now... click here:

Watch him FAIL? [VID]

The Great Kindle Challenge I can’t believe he’s doing this… Ryan Deiss is inviting YOU to see him fail, or succeed… LIVE! Click here to see all the details Ryan’s launching a new book on Amazon Kindle and he’s going to do it live and let you see how he promotes it, gives it away and eventually sells it! Click here to see all the details Enjoy, Michael.

Pinterest Finally Comes To Android, iPad

Pinterest is still a relatively new kid on the block. Up to this point, the site launched new features by talking about them on its Facebook wall and then waiting for the comments to start rolling in. Consistently among the first comments after each Facebook post? A Pinterest Android app. The requests are so common that it has become a Pinterest in-office joke with each launch: How long will it take for someone to ask for an Android app?

Get paid for taking pics?

Did you know that you can get paid for posting pictures online? There's this new website that you can actually realistically earn between $100 - $200 per day , by posting pics. This tutorial shows you how: Make sure you check it out, as it's a great way to make some spare cash. Talk soon, Michael.

Special Offer Ends Today

Hey guy's, how are you today? What an exciting couple of weeks!... There have thousands of folks tuned into the free webinars and everyone is really excited to join for the live coaching program that starts this Monday. I also wanted to share the details of the special offer so that you can take advantage of the discounted price and bonuses. Special offer ends Sunday 8/12 at midnight and would LOVE to help you become a success story as well! *Sign up here to join the live coaching program* If you would like to read the review CLICK HERE Chat soon, Michael.

Positive ROI

Simple strategy to ROI on Facebook ‏ ‏ I’ve got something cool to share with you today… My friend and Facebook Marketing Superstar Nick Unsworth is holding a special webinar this Tuesday, 8p CST about a simple method for making REAL money with social media… Nick's going to teach you his exact step-by-step methods for generating loads of cash from Facebook (among others) WITHOUT buying ads, building a list of 'fans' or even having your own website. Unfortunately, word about Tuesday's live training event is already out and there aren't many empty seats left... so grab your spot (if one's left) by clicking here: You don't want to miss this one…trust me. Talk soon, Michael

E.Brian Rose's Simple Software Creation

INSTANTLY CREATE SOFTWARE Without Any Experience Whatsoever *Sell Your Software For Huge Money! *Give It Away As Affiliate Bonuses! *Use It To Build Massive Email Lists! Hey Guys, E.Brian Rose knows absolutely nothing about programming, but he who does know marketing! He always knew he could bring his business to the next level if only he knew how to make his own software, so he did just that! He searched high and low for an easy way to create software without having to learn complicated code. When he finally found the solution the results were amazing. His first application took only 30 minutes to create and launched it as a WSO and it sold hundreds of copies in just a few short days. This workshop teaches the exact techniques that he uses every day to make money with his own software created by other people. Here is what you will learn in this workshop, *How To Profit with Software *How to Easily Create Your Own Software *Advanced Development Techniques *Pulling

Social Commissions, Scared of wasting time on BS?

Look, I’m not going to pretend I know your reasons for wanting make money… … but I do know this… … right now, you’re worried about wasting time on new systems that might fizzle out and die, or worse still, never even “fizz” at all. Right? And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you just want ONE system that works… … so you can just see SOME kind of results ASAP… … so you know you’re on the right track… … and so you KNOW you’re not gonna be wasting your time? Well, if that’s you, then boy do I have something cool to show you. Check this thing out (hope you’re sitting down!): Look, I can’t promise a specific income (nobody can) but I do know this: If total strangers off the street can get results in 3 hrs, then don’t you think you stand a chance too? Just think how cool it would be… … getting a small, but REAL paycheck in the first few hours… … would that encourage you to keep pushing forward, knowing you’re finally onto something that won’t waste your time any